Twins Have Different Fathers, Judge Rules In New Jersey Paternity Case

CBS New York

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A New Jersey judge has ruled that a set of twins has different fathers.

Passaic County Judge Sohail Mohammad made the ruling Monday in a paternity case.

It’s possible but rare for a woman to give birth to twins with two fathers. Mohammad says he found two other court cases nationally on such matters.

It can happen when the woman has sexual intercourse with two men in the same week, and an egg is fertilized by each.

“Today, it is believed that the incidence of bipaternal twins is increasing at a higher rate compared to 50 years ago mainly due to assistive reproductive technologies, ovulation induction, promiscuity and other factors,” Mohammed wrote in his decision, according to

It came to light when a Passaic County woman sought child-support payments from a man she thought was the father of her daughters, who were born in January…

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