Caterpillar resembles Donald Trump’s hair

Why Evolution Is True

Reader Julian, who sent me this 2013 link to this caterpillar on GrindTV, noted that “It really does look like Donald’s hair.” And it does:



Donald Trump’s hair:


Is this a case of mimicy, with the larval habitat being men with bad wigs? Clearly not, but you can guess from the insect’s appearance that those are “urticating hairs,” i.e., hairs that, on contact, transfer an irritating substance, just like the hairs on tarantulas (I used to have a menagerie of those spiders).  As GrindTV notes:

. . . for that reason, this flannel moth caterpillar photographed in the Amazon has been nicknamed the Donald Trump Caterpillar.

It was spotted and photographed recently by Phil Torres of Posada Amazonas Rainforest Expeditions while leading a photography tour in a Peru rainforest. He posted the photo online and immediately people began commenting about how it looks like Donald Trump’s hair.

“We didn’t…

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